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  1. So guys and gals, We reached the mysterious madwoman Angie, also known in the past as Anju (what the heck happened amirite?), and I remember the first times I played the game, damn I struggled (playing intense mode ofc) against her cold truth. That move would wipe teams mercilessly. And then it got nerfed If remember correctly. That makes me feel like those old farts complaining about the youth today. Well that's it folks keep having fun!
  2. Henlo everyone! So we reached the wonderfull Teila Resort, where our good friend Saki Blakeory missed her luxurious life style so went banging on doors like crazy. I mean come on Saki you spoiled brat, you don't go around banging on doors like that!
  3. BTW, apparently some dude took a picture of Melia during her Math exam. Me, as a crafty person, got my hands on such picture. And you guy are the lucky ones who get to see it.
  4. Hellooooos, So I went through Aquamarine Cave and Melia brought something up, and boi, did that hit close to home. I mean, in my defense my teacher was bad. I mean what kind of teacher starts telling you about her medical appointments and watever she did in the weekend? Geez, no wonder I turned into a Maths noob. So yeah we're the same Melia, we're the same.
  5. Don't worry about me man I've played this game maaaaaaaaaaany times nothing is a spoiler anymore xD
  6. Hey hey, So after the events that saw us lose our mommy (oh noooos), we hijacked a Team Xen battleship (how badass is that?) and we made our way to Gearen... But no. Spacea meddled with us again, and alas, we're stranded in terajuma and saw Saki debut as a human bullet. So we made our way through the hot and wet (wink wink) Terajuma Jungle, reached Kakori Village and we came across a Help request about some Timburr and Gurdurr on streak only to discover they had a hatred instilling Timburr(?) probably nicknamed Palpatine among them that could actually talk. Was definitely a funny moment until I saw the level the Conkeldurr was (yeeeeet!). Still nothing my Sylveon couldn't take care of. Have a great day everyone!
  7. Damn this one was good man! Definitely had a good laugh. Keep it up!
  8. Hello everyone, So I went against MadameX and in a crafty way, I won. Suddenly a familiar figure shows up and gives me his godly approval. No I'm not talking about Arceus. I'm talking about god itself. After that, we were surprised by the mysterious figure that was "Emma". Have a nice day everyone.
  9. Yeah no problem with that there, I understand your motives I truly do. If you rather keep drawn fanart and writing here that's totally okay, I mean that's what the thread is for. I've put that attitude because honestly I didn't like this particular quote of yours "not meme edits that took about 5 minutes to make". I sort of felt like move this garbodor (sorry couldn't help it) I mean garbage out of here, that doesn't even belong here. Even if it takes 1 minute to make, it's 1 minute that someone took of their lives to appreciate you and your work. In my humble opinion you could've handled things in a more polite way. If you had just told me if I didn't mind to make a thread only for memes because it was burying other peoples fanwork I'd gladly say, sure no problem I totally understand. I love this game, as I said I played it from nearly the begining and I appreciate your efforts and work and wait patiently for each episode because I understand it must be tough have your own personal life and have to work on this project. I just think you could be more considerate with your words regarding your fans works? Even if they're nothing special? Thank you and sorry if I was aggressive in my last post. Hope you understand my point of view.
  10. Hello bois, gurls and all the other genders of the internet, Following a good advice, I'm creating this topic for anyone who feels like it, who likes the game despite anything else, and above all loves memes. Here you can post your memes and laugh and make people laugh without worrying if it's burying other people fanart, so publish to your hearts content! I'll continue from where I stopped, if perhaps you're interested you can go check how this meme stuff started. So back to the REAL reason that brought me here today. I had to take a break from my memes and consequential gameplay because of my time and life draining job in healthcare. But I'm back, like I've never left, and for today's memes we find ourselves in Blacksteeple Castle after being abducted by Team Xen. Well, as we can't keep our little butts in one place, we went for a riot that subsequently brought us to the "impossible" fight against Madame X. So here's the memes that I racked up from this moment. Have a nice day and remember children, always give a good laugh at least once a day.
  11. Well I'll be damned. Okay, uh I've actually been thinking about that, not so sure about the burying part, since if I'm really interested I go through the pages to check and appreciate other peoples works if I'm actually interested in them, I mean there's like 4 pages to this thread. But okay I'll create a meme thread if it's so inconvenient to post memes in this one. Not like the thread isn't dead or anything. But hey thanks for the appreciation of my "5 minute crafts" which only point was to make people laugh and revive this long dead thread. In a "goodbye to this thread sense" here's a meme to summarize my reaction to this answer.
  12. Hello y'all, So as I was going through the sheridan village part of the game, I came across the sacrifice made by Kenneth's (aka Keta) to protect us and Aelita, and eventually reached the part when we battle Keta in amethyst grotto. I played "Where Love Lies" (masterpiece) and I really felt all those emotions about Kenneth. The first time I played Reju I confess I didn't immediatly like Keta, I mean he was so cold, so distant. I thought "man this guy acts so douchely I wonder if there's a reason for him to act like this". Then he made that sacrifice and I was struck with surprise. When I played "Where Love Lies" I saw a different Keta and I loved to get to know his background and his struggles, and he became one of my favorite characters. Maybe because of that, every time I make a rerun of Reju, when I reach this moment, I always go through a feel trip. Hope you enjoy the meme, and don't forget to press F to pay respects.
  13. Not my intention in the 1st place! It was just an innocent outburst never thought it would bring up so many answers out of topic and I didn't expect any explanation, since it has already been explained and I understood. Still you can't blame your players for having hopes and dreams. No need to get worked up, I'll keep posting my memes and shut with the all venamxmelia thing.
  14. Rule 34 FTW. I know man, but come on, we had so many special moments with her. It was cruel. Pure evil.
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