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  1. I didnt beat him.... instead i got steamrolled and swept xD
  2. xD no worries. well my biggest wtf moment (not counting rage, since im sure you probably saw my big rage moment already) was probably that Garchomp or when the pokemart disappeared right before my very eyes. *Walks up to the mart* Oh yay now i can get some items!! *mart disappears* what the... *goes to the gym and sees mart on the roof* O.O how and why
  3. YES! that clefable is the exact reason i made one for ORAS xD
  4. yeah those hax seem to be very common for them and seemingly never there when you need them xD
  5. Whelp, I think its safe to say that many people have raged good and well at this game at one point or another. What was your most rage inducing experience with tis game so far? For me, it was with the second gym. My team at the time was Panpour, Monferno, Loudred, and my cut slave Budew(who is still only at level 5). Panpour and budew were useless to me so I only had Loudred and Monferno to rely on. After KOing a few of her pokemon Monferno leveled up to 26, then 27 and stopped listening to me mid-battle. From that point on, I always carry at least 10 Common Candies on me to make sure that doesn't happen again.
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