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  1. Well thanks guys! And I'll make a introduction thread soon enough. . I suppose I will have to grind for that Abra though.
  2. Hello my fellow Pokemon trainers, I come with an inquiry over-- you guessed it- Abra. A little backstory, I was wandering through Onyx Arcade checking out the prizes and the Abra weighing at 1,000 arcade coins caught my eye. Neato! I planned to purchase it then and there, but I only had enough gold to acquire around 500 coins, and was too lazy to grind out the second half of the purchase. Fast forward a few gym leaders and I had more than enough to make my purchase! With haste I returned to the Arcade, but to my dismay the pokemon in the 1,000 coin section was a Psyduck! Not an Abra! Has my mind played the ultimate prank on me? Has my memory skewed over the past few days? I digress, I come to ask is there any means of purchasing an Abra from the Arcade that I'm simply missing out on? (it does say in the Obtainable Pokemon section that Abra can be received via in-game event). If not, is there any other means of obtaining the Psychic Pokemon? Thank you in advance.
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