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  1. Hey guys, I have and old Ghost monotype run that I want to get up to date, loaded it up today and found out I am stuck in a sequence right before the battles at the Fiore Mansion. It seems as simple as Titania and Julia being unable to get passed my character model on the stairs, but its blocking the events from continuing. Save file is attatched. Thanks! Game.rxdata
  2. Corey's field is the corrosive field, I'll definetly try teaching some of my pokemon facade, because skrelp usually sets up toxic spikes. I've been going around clicking on a bunch of rocks all over Reborn to try and find an ability capsule, but I can't find one, do you have any idea where on might be?
  3. Hey guys I'm having a lot of trouble beating Corry with my dark type mono team. Here it is so far: Frogadier Lvl 30 Protean Water Pulse Round Lick Quick attack Mightyena Lvl 30 Quick Feet Bite Swagger Assurance Tackle Liepard Lvl 30 Prankster Pursuit Assist Cut Fake Out Cacnea Lvl 30 Water Absorb Needle Arm Leech seed Payback Spikes Stunky Lvl 30 Aftermath Slash Toxic Cut Screech I'm pretty sure that these are all of the available dark types at this point in the game, but if I overlooked any, please do tell. Thanks!
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