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  1. Yes, Dinobot is very cool. He's got a sword darn it! *loves swords* I wish Silverbolt had one just because of his personality haha.
  2. Salut! Hello! Yes, I can speak in two languages. English and French, but obviously English is my first language lol. Guess I'll start there, lol. If you can't tell, my favorite type is Electric, speed's my game! Move fast, strike hard is my policy. "Where does this "knight" thing come in?" one may ask. If anyone knows of the character Silverbolt from Transformers, especially from the Beast Wars series, you'll understand. For those who don't, I'm probably one of the few men that still put women on a pedestal, aka chivalry. ...Which has gotten me into trouble before...but let's not dwell on the past! ^^;... I've been battling competitively for about four years now, and in that time I've been the Ground-type Gym Leader of another forum before family issues arose, and never got back to it. ...Brain, you left out a dumb piece: my favorite color is blue, if you couldn't tell. Heheh... ^^; It's been a while since I've been on forums if you haven't noticed, most of the time I wind up becoming a power abuser's worst nightmare, and eventually I'm forced to leave. Yes, this has happened, but again, let's not dwell on the past. I don't see things like that happening here, in fact, this place reminds me of the last forum I was on until their PO server went down mysteriously: PokeRealm. Just saying so if anyone has heard of them hehe. That leads to something that they have specialized in and I'd like to see happen in other places: a NFE metagame. I'm sure there are some like me that stray from using NFEs in standard meta, but in a NFE meta, NFEs actually get more attention than just being thrown into NU. I guess I should say how I got here lol. I subscribed to Shofu because of his playthrough of your game, which made me get the game myself and get ahead of him, then got stuck. That's how I came to the server, and then for the league business, I came here. And here I am! Hi! *sigh* That was a mouthful. Um...yeah. Comments, questions, concerns? I'll be happy to answer!
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