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  1. awesome thank you so much it would have taken me forever to figure that out i probably would have given up before i even did thanks a bunch.
  2. heres my save file im not entirely sure if spinel town is the last thing if thats the case the last gym i did i believe was the psychic gym which makes sense that i wouldnt bother using skrelp against him and probably wait to beat him then get my dragalge hope the file helps 498 - Maelstrom - 59h 55m - 8 badges.rxdata
  3. no i did not get the medicine or serra but thanks for telling me about spinel town im currently on route 1 its a straight shot there right?
  4. so ive been away from the game for awhile now and i cant remember what i have to do next from what i can gathered ive obtained the good rod after which i promptly went out for a skrelp bred it and now have what i want i can say for sure that i as soon as a good rod was available i got it and im curently using ep. 15 if that changes anything thanks for the assistance
  5. so i just beat charlotte and I'm in ametrine city and i can't find what i have to do i went into every building i possibly could and talk to the townspeople and still bupkis nvm found the last person i had to talk to
  6. thats the thing i can't get to that part i can't figure out how to go through the ice skating puzzle to go back its like its one way only i figured it out thanks for the help
  7. thanks for letting me know about that thread i just decided to move forward and hopefully it will all work out and yes i entered from where titania lived
  8. i didn't solve that part so i can't go through and i do have surf i only got to where i am cuz of surf
  9. I just went past the first ice puzzle in ametrine mountain got myself a handful of horseas and i want to go back to a pc to check them out but i can't for the love of god go back down the stairs is there another way around?
  10. i haven't played since october and just started playing again yesterday and well my drought nine tails became flash fire and all of my hi leveled pick up pokemon lost their ability so now i need lots of red shards for the ability capsule but can't remember if i did mine all of the rocks available which i doubt. the only place i can remember that had them was the grand stairway is their any other places i am forgetting?
  11. oh damn it all all of the leftovers i could of gotten if i had known sooner oh well honchkrow is still good for the psychic and ground immunities.
  12. in ep10 do you still keep the item that you stole from a trainer using thief/covet or does it return cuz i just did it with my honchkrow which i got for this sole purpose and it didn't keep the item
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