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  1. Thank you! Totally forgot Hardy's a gym leader
  2. uh... I forgot where I go next, didn't touch the game on this weekend... Last I remember, I saved Agate City, went to Devon Corp with Victoria, Dj Arclight, Ame and Andrienn. But now I can't remember what to do next ahah help? XD edit: I also went with Hardy to that Meteor Glass Base on Route 4(?), where you need the help of a Glaceon and Espeon.
  3. I just go Samsom's badge on Agate Circus. Where do I go now?

    1. Axelyx


      IIRC go to fiore mansion for HM surf, then use surf to cross ametrine mountain (enter from the top of route 2)

    2. Ivan Gabriel

      Ivan Gabriel

      Thanks, I had debug activated that was why my game was broken. Its all fixed now, thanks xD

  4. Where do I go now? I just got Samson's badge. I need to go back to Amaria's gym to get Surf and follow their drama story?
  5. I'm just posting here the answer for each statues if you're lazy to find the answers ingame xD green: the new world, too, shalt be reborn -> (3827) purple: from the memories of eons passed and visions of eons yet to come... -> (204) blue All shall be white before the eyes of the lord -> (1605) red: Light shall consumeth all within its cleansing fires. -> (2303)
  6. If you wondered what happened after, here it is xD For those who didn't understand the name, it was how ttar called Solaris in his gameplay. XD
  7. I'm stuck too in this jungle... don't know how to go through it....
  8. So lost in Rhodochrine Jungle

  9. The Espurr found in Lower Peridot Ward only male? edit> Nevermind, got a female one xD
  10. didn't work here :S ohhh never mind, I was pressing "cmd" + "shift" + "," (comma) instead of "." xD Found my save files!
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