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  1. After manully updating my game the quest worked and my game didn't crash. Sorry for bugging you. I really thought that the updater updated my but i guess it didn't. This could also have happened because of another error I came across a few days ago that my scripts file would not load. I found out how to fix that by running the game from the downloads folder ( I redownloaded the game and also updated it that via the updater in that progress thinking that would fix it but it didn't) . fixed it in the end though. my version and credits still said 6.04 and my updater also said that i already updated my game to 6.04. Thanks for the Help!
  2. Sorry for posting again but i forgot to reply see the post just before this post for my savefile
  3. Here is both my savefile and a save near the girl that chrashes my game. Game - Dion - 326 - 49h 50m - 7 badges - Cellia North.rxdata Game.rxdata
  4. No it isn't. I started this save on the 31st of januari on 6.02 and I updated via the updater as soon the patches came out. the bug happened yesteday on the newest version 6.04.
  5. Everytime I try talking to the woman in Celia North that starts the ranger recuit mission. After the fouth textbox my game crashed and this errorfile appears. I have found no work around for this and it is blocking me from doing any of the Celia city ranger quests.
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