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  1. Hello I have the stolen happiny and its holding the oval stone so I can evolve it to a chansey but no luck and I have leveled the happiny up to 57 and still haven't evolved I have my game time set to like 12pm is there something I'm missing can this happiny evolve. Thanks for your help
  2. Hello I'm not sure if this is the correct tab to post this but I'm looking for a kings rock and I'm not sure we're to find one I am currently doing the final battle at the grand dream city pokemon tournament with Adam and would like to have my ambipom to hold it thanks.
  3. I have found all 6 pollywags but when I talk to the person in phasial cave the pollywags start singing then I get an error message can someone please help me. Thanks Script bitmap cache line 141: sdl error occurred Error loading image graphics/ character/pkmn_pollywag_1 unsupported image format.
  4. I just purchased all the stolen pokemon from the scientist and was wondering do I need to return the stolen pokemon to there trainers like in reborn or are they mine to use and evolve thanks for the help.
  5. I would like to announce with some trial and error I found a solution to the problem just delete the word return in notepad will sove this issue thanks again to everyone who tries to help me.
  6. Unfortunately I can't find/access the rejuvenation subforum so this was the best place to post my problems thanks for your response though I do hope some still could help me with my issue.
  7. hello, I am playing Pokémon rejuvenation v13 and when I try to turn on the item finder my game crashes and gives me an error, I was hoping someone could clarify the error message i attached the error log and a picture of the message in game and my mod list. thanks again errorlog.txt
  8. thank you for the assistance I apricate it
  9. I updated my version of Pokémon reborn from E18 to 19 and when I tried to move my mods over, I got an error code saying that there not compatible so I downloaded the new mods for 19 but the no HM mod is missing from the list can someone help me with this. I would like to keep my parties moves the same I don't really want to have to take a slot on my Pokémon for HM thanks again
  10. I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question but I just got caught up with pokemon reborn so now i am playing pokemon rejuvenation but when I go in to the settings and change the screen size from medium to large I get a error message then my game closes can someone help me with this issue thanks again
  11. I was wondering if you were able to look at my game file yet I do appreciate the help in getting a new exp share.
  12. Thanks again Game.rxdata
  13. I hope this is the right location for this post sorry if its not still learing. I was doing the new azurine island donation quest and I leveled up the male and female pokemon to trade to the researcher but forgot to take the exp share off the pokemon would someone be able to help me get a new one. I have tried to get one from the lottery but no luck I have tried for about a week. Thanks again.
  14. I am good finally got passed the are I was stuck in do finally got back to reborn city but thank you.
  15. I am in Agate circus and just obtained surf and trying to get a kingdra i have a awsome horsea but I forgot to catch a pokemon with compound eyes and I don't think there's any pokemon in this area with that ability. So I was wondering if some one could trade me any pokemon with that ability. I have caught 70 horses and not one of them had a dragon scale. Thanks for the help.
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