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Script error, cant continue my game :(

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Hello, it´s the first time i post something and also the first time this happens to me. I´ve been playing this game for a long time in my old laptop, and now that i knew about v11 i decided to start again in a new laptop. I downloaded the game and started from zero and i was playing the battle with Zetta at amethist cave and in the middle of the battle it appeared a scipt saying "script error, need to restart". The game restarted itself and when i started the game it was at the same point of the battle. When i lose the battle and the game sends me to last checkpoint, a huge message about a script error appears and shuts down the game. I can´t play and i don´t want to lose my progress. Please help.


Thanks in advance. Here is a picture of the message. 

script error.png


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