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  1. Sorry, i'm kinda busy, but we can try another time. I believe it was for lol, i'm gonna check the club and find some partners there later. Thanks for the welcoming Inktalegaster seems to have some, let's gank up on him. Thanks, that's the drama I like, and gonna look those club and yeah. I failed on my favorite mon, but Vespiqueen sound better to me. Love your avatar btw. Start the torture dance. Thanks Candy too for the welcome, failed my multi-quote.
  2. Sorry, it was just a trap... Now you will have to read my introduction fools ! No, nonono ! Wait don't go ! There will be ice cream at the end this time. ( They will never suspect that i'm lying again é_è ) So let's do it ! I'm Regulus, english ain't my native language, so you will have to excuse me if it got painful for you pretty eyes. But also, feel free to correct me, I might learn something this way and you might save some eyesights. I'm 26, I kinda stopped playing the official Pokemon games after the second gen, mostly because of the storylines, i gave a try to sun and moon not long ago, but even if I enjoyed the skulls, the lack of maturity annoy me, Pokemon got an universe full of mystery and wonders, and i love tragedy, but ain't the kind of play Nintendo write. Still, I kept an eye of the serie, because I love mythology, monsters, ghosts and stuff and because some of my friends really love those magicals beasties, so we duel on showdown time to time and I wreck their faces because i'm a master strategist. ( Untrue, they defeat me most of the time, god i suck at this game ) And one fateful day, years ago, we decide to play Reborn, and ... well I won't spoil even if I guess everyone know what happens to Kiki's Medicham at this point, but on top of this vulcano, I saw the terror, the strongs destroying the helpless, I saw brutality, pain and death in a "children's game", and I LOVED IT. So I keep playing today, and I want to see the end of this aventure, I want to catch'em'all, defeat the baddies and kiss princess Cain. Yeah, Cain is my princess. So what else is there to say about me ? My 3 favorites pocket monsters are : Vespiqueen, I just love her design, plus, since I'm a cruel freaking piece of shit master strategist, i like to play this one with infestation/toxic Cofagrigus, mostly is design and I don't like the other physical tank. And Togedemaru, he won this place for is good service in reborn, particularly against Taka's dumb bird. Screw that parrot. I love Critical Role, you might recognise Nott as my avatar. I play on PC and Nintendo. Some rpg like pathfinder kingmaker, pillar of eternity, league of legends time to time, Zelda and fire emblem. I read a lot of manga and webcomics( don't watch anime tho ) And there is still a lot of thing that I love but i'm tired of writting, I will keep some mystery. Feel free to ask questions. Well ... Now... About that Ice cream... It's behind you ! Manage to escape while you are not looking See ya fools.
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