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  1. If anyone has the power to just give me ONE zygarde cell, please just help me out. Oh and before you send me to any item guide or video, you can trust me when I say that I've SEEN them all and have reviewed each one at least 5 times. I can't get the last few only because I went cell hunting literally at the last min, so pretty much some parts of the maps are changed, making some cells unavailable anymore and some cells that I simply can't get because the hidden library quest needs to be done BEFORE said changes are done. here's my save file, please help.... Game - 762 - Ren - 133h 24m - 14 badges.rxdata
  2. Game - 687 - Ren - 117h 41m - 14 badges.rxdata here's my most recent save file, hopefully someone can help.
  3. To sum it all up, by exploring too much and participating in the tournament too early, I fast- forward to the events of the pyramid . I have no need for a fix, just wish to share this information
  4. but they were nowhere to be found so after a TON of wandering, I ended up in a tournament and thus I went from Ch 12 ( Ren-union) to whatever the title of Ch 14 is. I was hoping that since I still have a save file from before I jumped chapters, I might be able to go back???? Game - 505 - Ren - 81h 3m - 12 badges.rxdata
  5. nahhhhhh I had already downloaded up to V 12 but , I didn't see them there so I thought I had to do something else. after an immense amount of wandering, I ended up even though I haven't even finish Ch 12.
  6. Is there a way to go back if you still have a save file???? Oh and by few chapters, I mean that I went from Ch 12 to Ch 14....
  7. I downloaded what was there but im pretty sure that just fixes the pyramid problem bc its not working.
  8. My character is stuck in place while facing the ladder in valor mountain at floor b1.
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