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  1. So am I doing something wrong? Where is the biggest tower underwater in route 11? I can't seem to activate any of them. I figured the one in the separate dive spot was the tallest, but I can't activate it, either.
  2. So with the Dive sidequest out around the Evergreen Islands, I'm either not finding the tallest pillar to activate first or it's not working. The tallest one is in that separate tiny dive zone, right? Or am I missing an even taller one?
  3. Yep. Same. Did it get edit-bugged out?
  4. So, the situation's pretty simple, actually. I winebottled Rejuvenation instead of running the .exe from Wine, simply because it ran faster and wasn't a total disaster to play without it crashing ten minutes in every single time. Things went pretty dang well right up until I made a terrible mistake of updating to MacOS Mojave. Now, whenever I click Rejuvenation (or any wine app, actually), it says it's open, but the starting screen NEVER comes up and I have no way to 'quit' it without forcequitting. I'm a bit at my wits' end on what to do here....
  5. That's REALLY strange, as I got one in the wall of my prison cell when I mined out of it-it's a blue-colored Star Piece.
  6. I do know one thing you missed... Comet Shards are also available in the rocks you mine. I managed to get one mining the wall in the castle.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/cKZdDgq I'm not crazy, right? There's supposed to be a Zygarde cell here, I'm sure of it. I know the one by the help center is currently bugged and missing, but I didn't see anything on this one. Haha, I found a different bug, but still totally hilarious. https://i.imgur.com/zAlN06N.jpg If you throw a Poke Ball while Aelita's Hawlucha is in the air using Bounce, it will just never come back down. This screenshot was taken three turns later.
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