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  1. Here are all the possible Pokemon you can get from the Mystery Egg in Route 3 Variable 0: Azurill Variable 1: Aron Variable 2: Absol Variable 3: Togepi Variable 4: Sneasel Variable 5: Dhelmise Variable 6: Joltik Variable 7: Axew Variable 8: Mienfoo Variable 9: Pawniard Variable 10: Trapinch Variable 11: Drilbur Variable 12: Cottonee Variable 13: Darumaka Variable 14: Solosis Variable 15: Starly Variable 16: Larvitar Variable 17: Larvesta Variable 18: Mareanie Variable 19: Stufful Variable 20: Wishiwashi The Variable Number is for people who wish to debug a mystery egg Pokemon for their Mono Runs or for people who want a specific Pokemon
  2. I revived Crobat and this happened Crobat is in battle though Crobat learned the secret art of turning invisible and beat Electivire with this new power
  3. The tile I'm standing is supposed to be here right?
  4. Isn't there supposed to be Sam and Alex and not just Alex?
  5. You can swim on land if you interact with the patch of water here
  6. Apparently you can walk through this tiny area here
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