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  1. I found a pretty fun bug, if you run out of steps in the Safari Zone while surfing you'll exit the Safari zone surfing on land. you can stop by going to water and then going back onto land.
  2. TheAxel24

    Stuck in Water Treatment Center

    Here it is. Thank you for helping Game.rxdata
  3. TheAxel24

    Stuck in Water Treatment Center

    I've watched the video, but basically what happened is I got to about 7:10 in the video, I went to the machine so it raised the water level and then I lost to the meteor grunts and went back to my last healing place which was at Agate Circus. When I got back to that room, the water was raised and I couldn't progress.
  4. TheAxel24

    Stuck in Water Treatment Center

    So, I think I got stuck in the water treatment center. Taka already did his thing to the machine over there and I went along down the stairs to the platform where the machine is. Like an idiot, I pressed Z on the machine which made the water level rise then I proceeded to lose to the two guys on that platform, when I got back, it was like this and I have no idea how or if I even can move forward. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. This is my first post and I wasn't sure where to put this