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  1. Plusle is still obtainable in route 4, this is from the pokedex in v12.
  2. Current team at the end of v12, blastoise is a recent addition (added after completing v12), replacing my alolan raichu (who i will be keeping in reserve). The lycanroc is the only shiny on the team, my other shinies are in the next image.
  3. Its at the pier in gearen, theirs a woman near the dock where you first find buizel (south-east dock)
  4. i was on route 11 and i just travelled to akuwa town and thats it
  5. Can't leave akuwa town, anytime i go into a building, try to warp to another town or encounter a pokemon (unless its the corsola or fishing for a pokemon) this occurs. Game.rxdata
  6. Trapped in akuwa town, if i enter any building, this appears Please can i be relocated so that i can continue Game.rxdata
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