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  1. forgive my ignorance Leo senpai but what is a club invite?
  2. somebody knows how jan will notify if you have been chosee for do beta testing?
  3. You think i was dastardly desert dude but it was me DIO
  4. I hope that in this new version there will be a way to get the magmatizer and the electrizer that isn't farming the encounter with elekid and magby for a 5% chance of them having it
  5. Today is my birthday but instead of you giving me a presente let me give you somo of my free time doodles while we wait for v11 my children i love this game soo much and in 2 or 3 months maybe we will get our hands in v11 YAAAAIIII!!!!
  6. there are never too many WAIFUS I love brown hair venam
  7. Patty is quite the waifu but is not at the same level of Aelita SuperSaiyanGarufanCurseMode
  8. it isnt that bad but is far from be the top waifu of the game
  9. Yes i now is in the game what i meant is if we can use it in the next version as if there was going to be a secondary quest to get the mega ring or the z cristals like in reborn
  10. So someone thinks that in the next version we will be able to use mega evolutios or z-moves or we will have to wait to future versions
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