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  1. The problem is, that's a broken system. Overall, I've found you lose more GSP when you lose than you gain when you win. Also, I've never heard of someone getting 1m GSP for 1 win. You were probably playing with a relatively new character, as in one you never played before ( Even then my new characters have never gotten that much for 1 win ). Meanwhile, my sonic is stuck in the 80,000s range no matter how many times I win because for some reason, he only gets roughly 1,000 GSP per win. If you can live with the flawed system, that's fine. Good for you! But I for one, have higher standards when it comes to a game I paid $80 CAD for. When I buy a game like Super Smash Bros., I expect good online. If not I at least expect it to be fixed by patch 3.0.
  2. Seriously. There is absolutely no difference. I still lost 1 million GSP for losing ONE FREAKING ROUND! and I still played on a non legal stage with 2 stocks, even though I had preferred rules on and they were specifically final destination 3 stocks and no items. In fact, now it's worse because now we the only character you'll face is this games' Bayonetta. In fact, if you know how to play against Joker and nobody else, you could probably make it to elite smash. How has this not been fixed by patch 3.0? I understand they were busy adding Joker and working on other things like stage builder, but could they at least fix what is a big chunk of their game? I mean, I've probably put more time into online than the single player parts of the game. And that's why it's so frustrating that they haven't fixed it yet. Smash 4's online wasn't perfect, but at least then I didn't have to worry about playing on some dumb item infested stage if I played for glory. I'm really getting fed up with playing online with rules I absolutely despise. If the game might not match me with someone with the same preferred rules as me, then what's the point of the preferred rules system anyways? It's just annoying that they haven't fixed this by patch 3.0.
  3. No I didn't lol. I still stand by what I said.
  4. Ok good. I was worried that it would be too easy like some other hack and slash games I've tried. But that was really my only worry. Thanks for clarifying :).
  5. As long as you don't main Ness, Lucas or Wolf I don't care. I know this is kind of funny coming from me, but I'm a Piranha Plant main. #plantgang.
  6. What I meant was is the hack and slash any fun? As in is there anything that separates it from other hack and slash games?
  7. So, I've heard a lot of good things about Devil May Cry 5. I may consider getting it, but first I need to know something. Is the gameplay mostly hack and slash, or is there more to it than that? There probably is considering all the praise it's gotten, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks
  8. I like swordsmasters. Their high avoidance can be incredibly broken. Then again, this is coming from someone who's first game was birthright ( Played all the other 3ds games afterwards ) so a lot of why I like the class is because of how broken Ryoma was.
  9. Oh. LOL sorry. Thx for correcting me.
  10. Actually, Goku's a low class warrior. Vegeta has at least 10x the talent goku does. Goku just got strong after training in King Kai's planet. That's why when Vegeta got ssj, he was able to beat android 19 when Goku couldn't, and was able to beat golden Frieza in ssb when Goku couldn't. And Jiren and Toppo certainly have talent. So what exactly makes Goku able to achieve this state of mind, but not Jiren, Toppo or Vegeta, who have much more raw talent?
  11. That seems like a pretty lame excuse. Goku is the ONLY one of the 4 who can clear his mind? I don't buy it. You'd think that in his roughly 770 years of training Jiren would have learned to clear his mind. I mean you could say a saibaman could get UI because he could clear his mind, but not Jiren,Toppo or Vegeta. And if that's all it takes, why hasn't anyone gone UI before? If all they need to do is clear their mind I don't see why Kid Buu couldn't go UI. Just saying.
  12. So, I've been thinking. Why couldn't Jiren,Toppo or Vegeta go ultra instinct? I don't get it. They all got beaten up at some point. They're powerful enough ( At least Jiren is) . So why didn't Vegeta go ultra instinct when Jiren was beating him up? Or Toppo when Vegeta was beating him up? Or Jiren when Goku was beating him up. It seems like lazy plot armor. They don't even have the excuse that it's just a saiyan thing this time. It seems like nothing but a lazy excuse to make Goku more powerful. What do you guys think?
  13. In retrospect this was a completely unrealistic expectation. I just needed to get that rage out of my system. This honestly looks like a great game and hopefully the characters above can get in as dlc. Maybe they could take out the assist trophies and make them playable.
  14. I know. I just feel cheated by the hints at shadow and geno. I feel like they should have at least taken out shadow and isaac's assist trophies so there could be a possibility that they could be dlc. If he just did that I'd at least have hope.
  15. I had a mini rant yesterday, but now I'm gonna talk about all the characters, not just shadow and what we can do to get them i n. Like other people have said, this direct has had many whys: Why did Sakurai say he wanted Geno in, then do nothing with the character? Why did Sakurai only have 2 characters that will be in the base roster in the last direct? Why did Sakurai show the Knuckles assist trophy and not the Shadow one and show Isabelle a former assist trophy if Shadow was just an assist? Why did Sakurai put a potted plant as the first dlc fighter instead of a wanted character like Geno or Skull Kid or Bandanna Dee? All of these are going without answers. Well you know what? I'm not gonna stand and watch these fanbases get betrayed. Now I know you're thinking. " It's over. Just pray that these characters get added as dlc ". Well I say NO! There is something we can do about it but only if we as a fan base collectively work together to get Sakurai to either delay the game t add the characters people actually want ( Shadow, Geno, Isaac, Waluigi ) or get him to at least promise to take out their assist trophies and add them to the game. Anyone who feels cheated by the direct and who wants these characters in, we can do it! We must go on every social media outlet to get Sakurai's attention! If we all collectively fight for the smash game we deserve and that we know Sakurai can give us, then Sakurai is sure to listen to the fanbase. After all, he seems to want the smash community to be happy. And incase that doesn't work, we need to hit Nintendo where it hurts: their wallet. Cancel your pre order. Get other people to join the cause and to help us get the smash game we deserve! If we work as a community, it just might work. I know it's unlikely, but I'm sure if you were to go back in a few days and tell your past self that there would be only 3 characters in the november direct and one of them would be piranha plant he/she wouldn't believe you and tell you how unlikely that is. We can do it but only together. #shadowforsmash #genoforsmash #isaacforsmash #waluigiforsmash!
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