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  1. Hello guys, awww I thought the patch 2 was already haha, oh well I will wait, I was concerning becuase I have the v10 , but I saved on gearen laboratory, now I cannot load v10 , and got the error on v11 , so I have to wait for a patch do you know any other solution, btw is there a site to donate to the main developer of the game, this is by far my favorite pokemon and I would like to show my appreciation towards this project, have a happy new year everyone.
  2. Allrighty Thanks Nico Robin , I appreciate it , im excited to continue the game , nights everyone .
  3. Hi, first of all I wanna say thank you to Amethyst for this great game , Im new in this forum btw!, Well Im about to finish chapter 15 , can you guys tell me how to update to episode 16, step by step I dont want to mess up my saved file xD . PD: Sorry for my english , is not my native language >.<
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