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Withdrawing from Calculus.

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I'm failing the course pretty miserably right now. 


Honestly, I think Withdrawing is my best option right now. I don't even understand half of this crap.


The day after my last failed test was, so far, my best day in College. For the first time since I got the game, I was able to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I was able to go outside, and relax. No more studying for a test that I was doomed to fail. No more of those tutoring sessions that I sacrificed energy and club meetings to attend.


I'm getting A's in everything else. Writing and Inquiry is an enjoyable course, Psychology is pretty easy yet interesting, and my major is in Computer Science, so I've got A's in both Intro to Computer Science, and Computing Professionals.


I think this decision will help in the long run. I'm eventually going to have to take this again, so I can go ahead and review old concepts without having to worry about the new ones for the rest of the semester. If I continued with the course, I'd have to worry about keeping up with new assignments even when I fail to understand old material.


Furthermore, I have the option to do Calculus II online or at a community college during the summer, so that will keep me in school mode.


I hate how much this is based around the transcript. I hate how... standardized modern education has become. But that's a rant for another day.

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Oh my. I'm not doing so hot in calculus either so far. >_<"

In fact, I also have thought of dropping the course. 


If you feel that withdrawing can help you in the long run, then all the best when you take it later on. 

But I do have a question. How would that look on your transcript if you drop a course?


And hey, glad to know you've been getting A's in your other courses! Keep it up~

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Like everything in this world, Calculus isn't for everyone. I was good enough to pass my Calc requirement in college without even showing up to class, yet performed nearly below average in biochemistry (even though that's capital offence, given it's my major lol). There's just certain things we can be good at, and others which we aren't - no human is perfect.

I think you do well in withdrawing, because a W is better than say an F. There's also the fact that many professors reuse their exam questions, so you might get an advantage the next time around. Can't guarantee your prof will be one of these profs, though 😛 My friend withdrew from biochem (which I'd have done if I'd had breathing room credits-wise) and probably did much better than me her second time around. She's now working as a lab tech, and that W grade had literally zero impact on her life as of now. Focus on your other courses, which I see you're already doing exceedingly well in, and try your best the next time you take Calc.

Perhaps transcripts and grades aren't the best system to judge the potential of a person, but I think it's one of the fairest ways to do it. I have to admit I feel vexed about athletes going to super stellar schools I couldn't go despite having a higher GPA. Granted, stellar schools are also a good way to sell their skills, so I don't blame them for going there. But yes, it's a talk for some other time 🙂

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