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  1. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

  2. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    Yeah I am. My username is MidnightWingz
  3. Midnighter

    Story critique/feedback.

    I've been writing this amateur sci-fi novel since late July. I'm not the best writer, so I want to learn how to get better. Unapologetic criticism is more than welcomed. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17esgMuf64NpbvaKUGAAxDTf9u7Mdx9_sxC1zBtOYavE/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    I'm in an area of the game where I can't access Iolia Valley, The Underground Railnet, or the Department Store. It's the Agate Circus portion. So there's no way to find a Dusk Stone. Anyone willing to spare one, please reply.
  5. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    I'm in an area of the game where I can't go back and access those areas. The Agate Circus portion.
  6. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    LF Dusk Stone
  7. Midnighter

    Wifi Battling

    Online username: MidnightWingz Timezone: (EST) U.S Availability: (Monday-Friday) (9am-11pm) Rules/Field effect: Random Field Effect. Or none. I'm a fairly experienced player.
  8. Midnighter

    Reborn and the Pokeverse

    Hear me out, I'm aware that main series characters like Bugsy are mentioned in the game. Also the fact that there's actual Pokemon available throughout the game oppose to fakemon, kind of makes this a dumb idea. But I think the Pokemon Reborn world is set in an alternate universe or possibly an alternate timeline of sorts. I'm somewhat early in the game, so if this has been answered in the story already, ignore this. I don't want to be spoiled. I just wanted to discuss a theory. All be it, a generic one.
  9. Midnighter

    LF Thunderstone

    Sorry for the mix up here
  10. Midnighter

    LF Thunderstone

  11. Midnighter

    LF Thunderstone

    I didn't know it would trade party mons.
  12. Midnighter

    LF Thunderstone

    Ok cool thanks. Give me a sec.
  13. Midnighter

    LF Thunderstone

    I'm somewhat early in the game. I need to evolve my Pikachu into Alolan Raichu to beat Kiki.
  14. Midnighter

    LF Beldum. Roserade for trade

    Just looking for a Beldum. Any nature, level, etc. Roserade in return.