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  1. Midnighter

    Reborn is just meh tbh

    This is the true definition of an underrated post. But yeah, I agree. Reborn is a great fan game.
  2. Midnighter

    Blizzard and Icebeam TMs

    Ok thx
  3. Midnighter

    Blizzard and Icebeam TMs

    Does anyone know where to find, or have the tms for Blizzard and Icebeam? I'm not super far in the game, so if you have them, could you teach them to a couple of my Pokemon? Or just tell me where they are in-game?
  4. Midnighter

    LF Rocky Helmet

    I'm looking for the Rocky Helmet item. If anyone's willing to spare one.
  5. Midnighter

    LF: Assault Vest

    One is fine. Thanks so much.
  6. Midnighter

    LF: Assault Vest

    Ok cool! Thanks! My username is MidnightWingz
  7. Midnighter

    LF: Assault Vest

    LF: Assault Vest.
  8. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

  9. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    Yeah I am. My username is MidnightWingz
  10. Midnighter

    Story critique/feedback.

    I've been writing this amateur sci-fi novel since late July. I'm not the best writer, so I want to learn how to get better. Unapologetic criticism is more than welcomed. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17esgMuf64NpbvaKUGAAxDTf9u7Mdx9_sxC1zBtOYavE/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    I'm in an area of the game where I can't access Iolia Valley, The Underground Railnet, or the Department Store. It's the Agate Circus portion. So there's no way to find a Dusk Stone. Anyone willing to spare one, please reply.
  12. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    I'm in an area of the game where I can't go back and access those areas. The Agate Circus portion.
  13. Midnighter

    LF Dusk Stone

    LF Dusk Stone
  14. Midnighter

    Wifi Battling

    Online username: MidnightWingz Timezone: (EST) U.S Availability: (Monday-Friday) (9am-11pm) Rules/Field effect: Random Field Effect. Or none. I'm a fairly experienced player.