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  1. Rydork

    PokéNations 3: Nation A

    Thank you so much for adding me! This is my first time ever being in the pokenations thing, is there anything I should know/do to prepare?
  2. Rydork

    Hey There!

    Love sneasel Also omg your signature banner is so cool, where did you get it?
  3. Rydork

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Rydork Showdown alt(s): Rydork (I AM NOT SURE WHAT SHOWDOWN ALT MEANS IF ANYONE COULD EXPLAIN BUT i JUST PUT MY USERNAME IN GAME) Discord: rydork#9169 Availability*: EST and flexible Favourite type(s): Ghost, Fairy, Dark Least favourite type(s): Fighting, Rock
  4. Rydork

    Hey There!

    Thanks for all of the kind welcomes everyone. You are all so amazing. Loving seeing all of your fav pokemon as well.
  5. Rydork

    Quick Claw (Closed)

    I need someone to trade me a pokemon that is holding a Quick Claw item, I am desperate as I am stuck at a very difficult boss that I cannot outspeed to get a single attack in and am very far away from the city. Please and thank you! EDIT : Was helped
  6. Rydork

    Hey There!

    Hey everyone, My names Ryan and since I noticed there was a “welcome lounge” on the forums I felt obligated to introduce myself to y’all. I am a 20 year old Canadian guy whos studying to be a paramedic and absolutely loves pokemon, theatre, and gaming. I found Reborn through a friends recommendation and knew it was perfect for me as it was everything to love about pokemon except with all the dark and evil twists that make it an “adult” game that I felt mainstream games were lacking. As well as the difficulty, gotta love the difficulty. I know I’ve met a few great and super kind and helpful people from posting on the forums already, and I cant wait to meet the rest of y’all; and be apart of your community. P.S - My favourite pokemon is Gengar. What’s yours?
  7. Rydork

    Requesting a Snorunt or Frosslass

    Yes please! I will message you!
  8. Rydork

    Requesting a Snorunt or Frosslass

    Doesn't have to be anything super special, just a female one is perfect. And thank you so much! Are you able to message me tonight to let me know when its ready? Also would you like anything in return for it?
  9. Rydork

    Requesting a Snorunt or Frosslass

    That would be amazing! I havent bred any pokemon on this game yet, so how long does that usually take?
  10. Looking for either of these if anyone is willing to trade. Thank you! PS. Must be a female snorunt
  11. Rydork

    Tips and Tricks for Reborn

    Awesome thank you!
  12. Rydork

    Tips and Tricks for Reborn

    Oh cool, I didn't even know this was a thing. What kind of things do they pick up?
  13. Rydork

    Tips and Tricks for Reborn

    Gotta start using my money, I am way too stingy with it, and even when I do buy a potion or something I am stingy with them too haha. Really gotta stop doing that. Haha must say I have had to abuse that wonder trade 1 or 2 times when I was in a pinch. And yes that level cap is rough, had to pop into the candy store once to down level my gengar so hed listen to me again so I could beat Florina. Man Florina is a total pain in the ass. This helped me so much! I had my mining kit already but didn't quite understand how to mine and what goodies could come from it. Was able to snag a bunch of max revives and a thunder and leaf stone which will be of great use for my team. Thank you so much for this! I've been slowly getting the hang of this, but I really should be doing some more research on this because it makes a world of difference in those difficult battles.
  14. Rydork

    Tips and Tricks for Reborn

    Hey guys, kinda new to Reborn (Only just got my third gym badge) and I am having to repeat those main battles quite a few times before I am successful. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for those tougher battles WITHOUT SPOILERS so I can beat them on less attempts. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong place on the forums, I tried my best to post in the right spot
  15. Rydork

    Pokemon Request - Ghastly

    @StarryDreamerKitten Hey thank you so much for the offer, but Horus actually already gave me one. Just don't know how to delete the thread haha XD