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  1. Punkeev

    Cute picture thread

  2. Late predication. You'll see in the next update. Currently, we (palletite) are working on nicknames, or first post. Check out the wikia for more funfacts.
  3. Punkeev

    Hi Again

    wb deathoftheflame
  4. What's cool?
  5. Punkeev

    Super Secret Santa Info and Sign-up

    I send you a dm about this couple days back but did get clarification. (EU/America pool)
  6. jinx.png

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    2. Punkeev
    3. Punkeev
    4. CrossImpact


      I'd say the Xs are Cross Impacts but what do I know about statistics

  7. Punkeev

    Spork Art Thread

    I made this modern/soft pastel aesthetic version some time after. I'm not sure how it got bigger too but [<3]