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  1. Why is there no PC in Luna's gym battle?

    I didn't even realize this was a problem. I had an hm slave that was part of my team at the time, so it didn't bother me. I mean, if you have a friend, you can maybe trade with them, switch your hm slave for your actual pokemon, then trade back.
  2. E18 Cat' Stats

    I'll be honest, I've been checking this thread everyday, hoping that it will magically jump to 100% and boom, e 18 already out ;-;. But alas, I'm glad that you guys are moving along nicely. Especially with those pesky ai.
  3. How tough was the battle against Titania?

    Been a while, I must've used x defenses or something. But, Araquanid has water bubble. It doubles the base water attacks, which is actually calculated before the stab. I really didn't need to outspeed her pokemon. Araquanid is a decent tank, I just had to tank a little and keep myself high enough in defenses to stay alive. So, what happened was, I sent out araquanid, let it take a hit while buffing my defenses. Don't remember, but I think I may have healed, but it just on with tanking and getting my stockpile up. I don't particularly know if I used the stat boosting items, but I was able to tank a hit from most of her pokemon.
  4. How tough was the battle against Titania?

    I used the goodness that is Araquanid. Using only liquidation, stockpile, and rain dance. Oh and a bunch of potions for extra strong things. Basically; Mass spammed stockpile until I was 6/6 in both defenses. Rain danced, and just spammed liquidation. It has a base of 85 I believe, doubled into 170, then stab is calculated, meaning it skyrockets up to 255, plus the rain boost, the base damage of Liquidation is now a staggering 385. Then stacking my high attack IV in, then my maxed attack evs in.. you get the idea. Nothing lived, everything died without doing much damage.
  5. How tough was the battle against Titania?

    I accidentally killed her entire team with a water type.
  6. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    I won't lie, I definitely feel like the AI will need some revamping. I mean, enemies sometimes fail to make smart decisions, and it just makes the game too easy.
  7. Favourite Reborn Characters

    I absolutely love Julia. Because who doesn't like bombs? My favorite meteor however, is Lin. She's mysterious, and strong, and it's easy to view her as a massive challenge. Also, one of my favorite parts about her. She may/may not have used Ame's Alolan Ninetales against us in Titania's gym. A little upset that my all time favorite character isn't one of the choices. Madam Meganium deserves recognition.
  8. Music Error

    Hey guys, I just beat Ciel and after leaving the backroom, the music would cycle through every soundtrack in the game. Starting from the reborn city theme and onwards. I don't know how to recreate it, or if someone else has reported this already, but it's something I found recently. Cheers.