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  1. definitely going to give my number to a stranger in the web LOL
  2. I'm in
  3. Would love Dragon Dance Alpine Lithovore Camel and Blind Biting Camel What do you want in exchange?
  4. where do i go now? I was talking with the gymleader (gym 6) and her son and then some other guy talking about arceus came in and if i'm honest i skipped the dialog and now i'm wondering what to do XD I'm at the city where the stuff is teleporting
  5. I can give you Lapras (11/31/31/31/31/31) or Froakie (31/31/31/31/25/31) for free if you want
  6. i need one too @Njab Game.rxdata
  7. thank you very much for the offer but @luis already gave me a sick elekid haha
  8. Looking for Elekid with good IVs can give: shiny klink shiny noctowl shiny sandshrew
  9. still looking!
  10. @Njab Thank you so much!
  11. okey thank you ready for trade
  12. Online Username: Eray2705 Species: Tyrunt Nature: Jolly Species: Shinx Nature: Bashful Species: Froaky Nature: Calm Ability if possible: Protean Species: Bagon Nature: Adamant Species: Zubat Nature: anything Species: Beldum Nature: Adamant
  13. still looking!
  14. already requesting edit: @Okirua thank you so much
  15. okey game closed LOL