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  1. SPOILER (?) Mirage Tower

    How do I get to Mirage Tower so I can get Mimikyu?
  2. Gastly

    Okay, I'm on my way
  3. Gastly

    Does any one have a Gastly they can trade over? In return I'll trade over a shiny Shinx with 31 IVs in Attack, Defense, and Speed. I prefer a female Gastly, but if it's male that's okay.
  4. Reborn's Top 5 Least Favorite Pokemon

    5. Emolga Iris's Emolga. Nuff said. 4. Absol It's design looks really edgy. Also, (imo) it's Mega Evolution looks like it's trying way too hard to look majestic 3. Gliscor Before gen 7 came out, this thing was absolute pollution on Pokemon Showdown. Many of the opponents I've battled had a Toxic Orb + Poison Heal + Protect Gliscor. Battling them was annoying to say the least. 2. Spearow Not only is it fairly ugly, but they're always attacking something in the games and the anime! If the Dark typing existed during Gen 1, this hideous creature would totally be Dark/Flying. 1. Umbreon Take Absol and Gliscor, combine the reasons as to why I dislike those two, make them a bit worse, and poof... You have Umbreon. I really don't like Umbreon. When I play online, this annoying creature is absolutely everywhere. Gliscor has nothing on Umbreon in terms of being annoying. About 14 out of 15 of the opponents I've faced on Showdown had an Umbreon. Not only is Umbreon annoying to fight, but it's also boring to use. I don't see how people find it fun to just click Toxic and wait for the enemy's HP meter to slowly shrink down. Another reason as to why I dislike this creature is that whenever Espeon (my most favorite Pokemon) appears, Umbreon is paired with it. In Pokemon Colosseum, who are your starters? Espeon and Umbreon. In Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, who creates an exploration duo? Espeon and Umbreon. In Pokken Tournament, what is a pair of Support Pokemon you can use? Espeon and Umbreon. When ever I look up fan art/fan fictions about Espeon, who is shipped with it? Umbreon! And so on. I'm sure Umbreon fans who dislike Espeon can relate with me here. Umbreon? More like Dumbreon. (Wow I just realized how long this has gotten.)
  5. E17 Status Categories

    Total: #################### | 98% *HEAVY BREATHING*
  6. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^

    1. Paul25


      May God bless you :D 

    2. ThatGuyOverThere


      Thank you guys! :3

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome :D 

  7. Reborn Shiny Gardevoir

    There's this app called Amino where you can share fan works of tons of different fandoms :3
  8. Reborn Shiny Gardevoir

    Hello. I drew the custom Shiny Gardevoir from Pokemon Reborn by hand. I drew them sitting down with their hands folded. (It could've turned out better, but I'm still happy with it!) Also, do I need permission from Ame to post this to Amino?
  9. Pokémon Xenogene - Dev topic

    I'm totally playing this when it's ready!