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  1. What?
  2. I've read countless fanfictions of Pokemon. Here are some cliches that I've noticed in a lot of them: -The protagonist get's an Eevee as a starter -If there's an Espeon and an Umbreon who are opposite genders, they always fall in love at some point (same goes for Gardevoir and Gallade) -At least one of the main characters have a Lucario and/or an Eeveelution on their team -The evil team mostly uses Dark and Ghost types -At least one of the human characters can understand Pokemon -One of the good guys has some connection to the evil team -At least one of the protagonists has a super sad backstory :'( Are there any you've noticed that I didn't point out? (I'm not saying that these cliches are necessarily bad. I actually like most of these )
  3. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^

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      May God bless you :D 

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      Thank you guys! :3

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  4. Hello, reader! Here's a random question: what are your top 5 favorite anime? Mine: 1. Akame ga Kill 2. One Punch Man 3. Parasyte the maxim 4. Watamote 5. Pokémon anime
  5. There's this app called Amino where you can share fan works of tons of different fandoms :3
  6. Hello. I drew the custom Shiny Gardevoir from Pokemon Reborn by hand. I drew them sitting down with their hands folded. (It could've turned out better, but I'm still happy with it!) Also, do I need permission from Ame to post this to Amino?
  7. Hello reader who clicked on this thread! Just a random question, who is your most favorite video game character EVER? Mine is Niko from OneShot! Why?
  8. A while ago I posted a thread showing my team in Pokemon Reborn and now I improved it. (I guess you could say my team has been REBORN!!! ...I'm sorry) Majesty (Serperior) Gender: Female Ability: Contrary Nature: Modest Item: Rose Incense Moves: Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Hidden Power Steel, Giga Drain Waypoint (Ampharos) Gender: Male Ability: Static Nature: Modest Item: Quick Claw Moves: Discharge (can't find Thunderbolt >_<), Power Gem, Cotton Guard, Confuse Ray Punisher (Chandelure) Gender: Male Ability: Flame Body Nature: Timid Item: Charcoal Moves: Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Minimize, Hidden Power Steel Ferrosaur (Aggron) Gender: Female Ability: Rock Head Nature: Adamant Item: Metal Coat Moves: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Double Edge, Stealth Rock Queen (Crobat) Gender: Female Ability: Infiltrator Nature: Careful Item: Nothing Moves: Acrobatics, Cross Poison, Steel Wing, Confuse Ray NahNa (Gardevoir) Gender: Female Ability: Trace Nature: Modest Item: TwistedSpoon Moves: Psychic, Moonblast, Calm Mind, Grass Knot
  9. I've started this thread because I'm curious to know some nicknames people can come up with for Pokemon Reborn's custom shinies. (I'd mainly like to know a good nickname for shiny Aggron in Pokemon Reborn plz)
  10. Someone probably pointed this out before
  11. Thank you guys
  12. Hello. Can someone please tell me how to get the TM for Hyper Voice? Thank you
  13. Hello. I was just visiting the Reborn website.... then I found this on the "Other Games" tab: Does anyone know what it is? Sorry if it's obvious. k thx bai
  14. Thank you!