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  1. dont have to apologize for questions id say, we have 36 (lol) pages, anyways you can find petilil in the park on a Sunny day.
  2. if this was at the graveyard, head back to shelly's gym
  3. how to obtain escavalier: obtain a shelmet (azurine Island) and take it to a person in 1 of the houses in spinel town
  4. yes, you will get a entei, its shiny aswell! gl finding them all /s
  5. you could have headbutted some trees around the house, with some luck a pidgeotto would fall out ^^ thats what i did
  6. in the crysolia forest, he is in the house that randomly poppep up in the forest
  7. you can allways change the date on your computer, the weather changes on random days
  8. go to the Coral ward when it's raining, he should be on 1 of the piers. (lotad that is)
  9. this month. i quote "it's still longer than a week away though." this was posted somewhere els today by ame
  10. you cant find heracross yet, you can get to those pillars by jumping of a barely visible ledge from the platform you enter after the building with all those stairs