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Doing a black shinies only run. In need of Beldum, Gible and Froakie

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I need the shiny versions for:

Froakie: All IVs except Atk 20+ (especially SpAtk and Spd). Preferably Protean ability and Timid nature

Gible: All IVs except SpAtk 20+ (especially Atk and Spd). Preferably Rough Skin ability and Adamant/Jolly nature

Beldum: All IVs except SpAtk 20+ (especially Atk and Spd). Preferably Clear Body ability and Adamant/Jolly nature


The natures and abilities are not compulsory, just preferable. The IVs must be as stated though. If Gible or Froakie aren't available, please do trade a female Gible (any evolution) or female Froakie (any evolution) respectively (not shiny is ok). If Beldum is not available, please provide a Beldum (not shiny is ok).


If you have any suggestions for my team, please do give them. I'm thinking Blaziken,Roserade,Greninja,Garchomp,Metagross and something else (maybe Zebstrika)


Note: I am about to go up against the 4th gym, so I may not have much to offer.

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