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No kid near Glamazonia Salon


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Hello everyone, I'm playing Reborn aand near Glamazonia Salon in South Obsidia Ward, there is supposed to be a kid there, as shown here on the wiki


However, in my game, there is no such kid. I know he's supposed to be there because I am following a guide to try to 100% the game.  I just got cut recently and moved up to the salon to see the kid nowhere to be found.


Here a screenshot of my version of the game.



Is my game save broken ? Or is the kid supposed to appear later in the story ? Or has his position been changed in updates ?

In any case, do any of you have any idea how to make him appear so I can eventually complete the quest. I'm not afraid of messing with games files if needed but I would prefer to avoid restarting the game (I don't think the game has kept my previous saves anyway)




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Hello back, after some help from the discord, i've managed to find a solution. For anyone who'd want to know the answer : the kid only appears after 


you have beaten Tangrowth in Obsidia Park, a bit later in the story


Thanks to the community for helping me

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