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How to Beat Aurora


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Its been a while since I played through this part of the game, but in my opinion Alolan Sandslash could be good. An ice stone is available from the "For the Rangers!" Sidequest, Aurora veil is enabled by the field, don't remember if Light Clay is available at this point but if it is, 8 turns of dual screens could help a ton. Its got good physical bulk, resists crunch and play rough, and if you want to go for it, might be able to sweep with slush rush. Swords dance, Iron head, Aurora Veil, and Icicle spear would probably be the set I'd run without access to the move relearner. The TM for Aurora veil is in the shack on top of Silver rise, Swords dance and Iron head are level up moves, and Icicle Spear should be an evolution move. if your letting yourself use healing items in battle, Sandslash can 1v1 the Mighyena easily, if not some prior chip damage would be ideal. You could also go for a risky icicle spear at +3, or sac a mon to make sure Sandslash gets in cleanly with no intimidate drops. Here's some calculations (Friend guard is being used to simulate the field boost to defense):


Your Damage:

With Intimidate drops on Sandslash:

+3 Lvl 60 252 Atk Sandslash-Alola Icicle Spear (4 hits) vs. Lvl 58 85 HP / 85 Def Mightyena with an ally's Friend Guard: 184-220 (102.7 - 122.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO


+4 Lvl 60 252 Atk Sandslash-Alola Iron Head vs. Lvl 58 85 HP / 85 Def Mightyena with an ally's Friend Guard: 176-208 (98.3 - 116.2%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO


Mightyena's Damage:

With Aurora veil up:

Lvl 58 85 Atk Mightyena Shadow Claw vs. Lvl 60 252 HP / 0+ Def Sandslash-Alola with an ally's Aurora Veil: 31-37 (15 - 17.9%) -- possible 6HKO


Lvl 58 85 Atk Mightyena Shadow Claw vs. Lvl 60 252 HP / 0+ Def Sandslash-Alola: 63-75 (30.5 - 36.4%) -- 54.6% chance to 3HKO 


These were all calculated assuming the Sandslash has 15 IVS across the board and was fully EV trained in HP and ATK, and the Mighyena has 31 IVs and 85 EVs across the board. with higher attack and defenses, or if the Wiki is actually right and the Mightyena has 15s across the board, the fight only becomes safer. Of course, if shadow claw crits things get much worse, but still its not bad all things considered.


Of course, theres always the cheese strategies. Metal Burst, Scrappy Predamaged Endeavor Swellow + weather, a bulky Destiny Bond user (I recommend Weezing), a lot of things can be used to take down a single pokemon with no priority and 4 attacking moves. 


Don't know if any of this helps you, but this fight really isn't that bad. Good luck mate!

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I think I had a fairy type that did rather well with her team - sure, Dazzling Gleam gets slightly nerfed, but it DOES also change the field slightly (putting the darkness to another level, thus reducing the boost Dark attacks get).

I also had a Poison/Dark type (one of my faves, lol) as the first 'mon, a Skuntank iirc. Set up a double layer of toxic spikes in the beginning (toxic the Leavanny first, tho). Solved most of the issues for me, with added support of potions.

Aurora doesn't have a Poison type that could absorb the toxic spikes, so except for Honchkrow (and Mismagius iirc), all her 'mons are heavily poisoned upon entry. The Mismagius can be taken care of with the Poison/Dark type, too, no problem. Be careful with the Mimikyu, it has a Lum Berry, so it'll heal its poisoning and need another Toxic to kick it off.


Good luck!

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