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Suggestion: Minor Details For some Pokemons


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Hi, It's my first Post of a Topic Here, I wanna Suggest for Few Pokémon Here as i play through the game.

- Create a Furfrou Stylist in the Celia Manor which resides at the entrance, and she will collect 10 credits per Design.

Shellos (East Sea) 
In the sewers, You should make a Blue Shellos in the eastern side of the Celia Sewers. while the Pink one in the west.
- Or just like the Deerling, in Old Woodland,  you can find both East and West Sea Shellos in the Sewers.
- Put some interactable flowers throughout the region where Flabebe or Floette can change their flowers depending on their colors.


Other Suggestion:

For Regional Forms:

- Hisuian Variants: 
 Player will find strange "Torii" or Japanese Tall gate with a dimension crack in the middle. It will be hidden in the early parts of the game, and accessible through a side quest. And you should have the Counterpart of the said variants in your party. Example: You should have a Growlithe in your party and a Hisuian Growlithe will appear to the crack. And all Hisuian Variants have their theme.

Also, for Pokemon evolution to Hisuian Form, Some items like Peat block can be acquired by defeating a Rogue Ursaluna,

Or TMs like, Psyshield Bash will be obtained by defeating a Rogue Wyrdeer, in order to evolve Stantler

and also accessing to a held item called, "Ancient Pendant" where your Quilava, Dewott and Dartrix can hold and  will evolve to their Hisuian final form at their evolution stage instead of normal form.

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