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Pokémon Reborn Ep.19 Professor Oak Challenge!


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Hello everyone!


I've downloaded Ep.19 about a week ago and I decided to do a playthrough of the full game doing a Professor Oak Challenge.

For those of you who don't know what this challenge is, here is the general main rule:

- You must obtain all possible Pokémon before each badge, before challenging the elite 4, and/or other checkpoints that are game   specific.


This means that I'll have to catch and evolve every obtainable Pokémon before each badge.


I've also decided on these other rules:

- Rare Candies are allowed

- Exp. Candies are NOT allowed

- I'll not change date or clock manually

- No passwords will be used. I'll play the game in its "regular" form.

- Exp. Sharing items are NOT allowed

- Weather changing mod is allowed only if I've finished training everything and still have to get weather related encounters because the correct weather wasn't available. I'll try to get everything regularly if possible otherwise.


So far I'm in the middle of the grinding before Julia. The first sections definitely will be the hardest because of the low level cap and experience available with trainers or random encounters. I have a pickup squad in order to help out with the highest level evolutions    as the experience gained becomes very low the higher the level, considering I'm fighting against mons in the low 10s when I have mons over level 30. Disobedience is annoying but it's not too terrible. Once the Pokémon I'm raising is able to one shot the opponent's Pokémon it gets quite easy and reduces the turns, lowering the disobedience factor.

So far here's the progress: 72 Dex entries, 35h05m playtime.


Highest level evolution completed: Swablu --> Altaria Lv.35


I'll post an update once I've completed the first section (might take a while :D)




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