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Accessibility Mod Pack - Reborn

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I have completed an early version of an accessibility mod pack. It will contain my pathfinding mod and the distance mod from DemICE.

For the pathfinding mod, you have to press the F6 key to access a list of possible destinations.

I would appreciate if a few people would test it in their game and provide me with the feedback or destinations, which are not found by my mod


Some notes to keep in mind:

The pathfinding for the teleport tiles can be a little bit slow. With my (fast) PC, it will freeze for 3 sec.
Also with the teleport tiles option, destinations, which are not reachable because of other events blocking the destination, will not be displayed.
For all other options, it is the opposite. It will display options, which could not be reachable at the given time.

Regarding the searchable categories: Healing spot and merchant will be searched in the current and adjacent map, teleport tiles will be saerched in the current map. Clickable events will be searched in a 5 step radius around the player.


Extract the files into the /data/mod folder
As I'm not sure if it works with DemICE file and my file in the same place, the best way would be to empty the mod folder and extract my attached zip folder. I can also not garantee the compatibility with other mods.


Feel free to provide me with feedback. Also feedback regarding the input key and the output format would be nice.

Malta10 - Accessibility mod pack.zip

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