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Pokemon Essentials V15 Reborn Edition

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This is obviously not the full Reborn engine, because of how ingrained and rigid that everything is. But, it'll at least use Reborn's battle system (including field effects). It'll be built from V15, which should be the most compatible with Reborn's features.

The framework will also be completely overhauled with gen 4/5 aesthetics. I need help on several things, but for right now, I'll list those that I can think of.


- Gen 5-onwards ability popup instead of the traditional ability announcement

- HM replacements (particularly those taken from Sword and Shield, at least whatever's shown during the E3 demo)

- Visible stat changes below the status boxes


Just remember that it's very likely that Reborn mods won't work here.


Here are some serious bugs that need to be fixed:

"Stop the pause, yeah yeah yeah, flow like normal, yeah yeah yeah, so I can win the contest, so I can win the contest!"



The move animations are the wonkiest



I got the move animations by copypasting "moves.dat", "move2anim.dat", and "pkmnanimations.rxdata", and now everything went completely loose.

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