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[Mod] Infinity Fusions: Endgame

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I made this little something because i found the endgame challenge to be non-existent.


This mod is intended to play after the player has reached the endgame of Infinite Fusion. You need to have the original game downloaded.
These battles are now quite more challenging:  Elite 4 + Champion,  Mt. Silver Summit,  Gym Leader Rematches @ Viridian Fight Arena
The hard mode can be activated and de-activated via a new npc in the Pokemon League Lobby.  
De-activating hard mode, reverts all affected battles to their normal versions. 


-The mod includes activated debug mode without the need of Magic Boots, for ease of trying out different teams.
-Set mode is forced, Items cannot be used from the bag during battle, for both sides.

-My own CustomBattlers folder is included because i swapped some sprites, so that the ones the opponents use look better.  You might want to back up your own CustomBattlers folder before replacing.


Have fun! Feedback is appreciated!

-Clicky to download Infinity Fusions: Endgame!-

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