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E18 Underground Railnet

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So I lost my save and have been working back on a fresh one. I first noticed in the escape to Chrysolia that in E18 they changed the Underground Railnet. Specifically, the train. Now you have to board the train and initiate a dialogue, instead of just flipping the tracks, to get the train to ram through the debris (it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that one out).


Having said that, the next time you have to go back to the underground railnet (Devon Corp raid), there might be an issue with the quest line, because the barrier to the underground underneath Devon is still up, but there's no longer a train to connect to it (it's crashed out in Chrysolia)? Is this intended behavior? Or is there an obvious way to lower the barrier so we can progress the storyline?



Contains no E18 story spoilers, but I put a spoiler tag just to be safe.

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