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  1. As the title already says, in need of a poipole and I do NOT have the energy to capture all 731 pokemon. Could any kind soul please lend theirs for a day? Just gonna breed and give it back. I have most of the event pokemon with pretty good IVs in the needed areas like hondege, deino, bagon, scyther, gastly. Thanks in advance
  2. Bro, this riolu is littt! All 31 IVs, crazy. Also, would you be up for a battle now? FYI my max level pokemon is still lvl 92 tho
  3. Got it now, thanks a ton!!
  4. Ready when you are, waiting for trade. Online name k00kie
  5. Im ready, my online name is k00kie. I will be waiting for trade
  6. Hi, thanks a lot!! Feel free to ask, I also have a gastly with perfect IVs as well, if you want it When are you available?
  7. Hi all, hope everyone is well. As the title suggests, I need a Riolu with Bullet Punch. I just need to borrow it, will return it in a max of 15 minutes. In exchange, I do have quite a few good pokemon with good IVs ( Bagon with 31 atk 30 spd, torchic with 31, 31, scyther with 31 HP, 30 Atk, 30 def; sneasel with 31 atk, 31 spd, honedge with 31 atk, 31 HP and a few others) Also, does anyone have a poipole? I would really be grateful if anyone could rent it for a few minutes/max one day
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