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  1. Thanks for that information. So I just checked the weather channel and it seems it was supposed to be raining so there is no bug.
  2. I do not exactly know whether it is a bug or not but in game, it is always raining. For the past 4+ days, minus the areas where it hails normally, like Amertina Mountain, every other place is just constantly raining; does not matter whether it is day or night. Can anyone confirm whether it is a bug or not? And if it is a bug, what can I do? Lastly, I forgot to mention that it switches between thunderstorms and normal rain, but the raining itself is constant.
  3. Yeah, thanks I just got it.
  4. Wait but I didn't even interact with the boy even once.
  5. Hello Everyone! Can someone tell me whether I can still get the department store sticker that requires windy weather and saving a boy near the abandoned Beryl Factory after renovating Reborn City? If not, when exactly does the renovation start? I am currently in Agate Circus and now have to use Waterfall to search for Amaria and Titania. I am planning on staying on this part until defeating Ciel and be allowed to use fly. If I wait that long, will the city renovation start?
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