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  1. So I recently started reborn again after a year and the game is a bit different then before. About a year ago I had to use wine skin to play but now I can just download from the reborn page and it works as a normal app. I tried to find my old files from wine but no luck so I decided to restart while having my friend tag along in this play through. Experiencing some errors already in that the rain is going on constantly. I've tried changing the date for 3 weeks and its constant rain. I downloaded the SWM mod and added it to my data folder. The mod is not there. I saw some forums posts and they're say you have to make a new wrapper in wine to add in the mods, but if I didn't use wine, theoretically if I add it into the data folder it should work right? The second issue is online play doesn't work for me anymore. Keeps saying connection error when I am connected to wifi. I saw some people say it might be since they were connected to campus wifi which is my case, but my campus has fast wifi and it doesn't work Last but not least I can't find my save files anywhere. Checked everywhere didn't see it. If anyone knows how to solve this please lmk lol cause im actually thinking about just getting a cheap windows to play reborn at this rate.
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