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  1. I was in the Badlands trying to find Aevia Region Budew, when I got back on to continue, it was night time and it was day time in real life so it might be a small glitch so I wait tomorrow to let it fix itself back to day but then all of suddenly I got a error and can’t get back on???
  2. I redownload the game like 2 times, and no luck, still the same, no mods or anything edit to it. The files still the same even though I redownload the game.
  3. I try backing up my old save files, but it doesn't work, all it did was this... Please don't tell me I had to start all over!? I made it to Chapter 15 but I had to go back from the start!?
  4. So I was doing the Puzzles, I may had accident set off the wrong way. I flip the tiles of the Wall Building first then I did the Maze sort of Puzzle to move the color box to it location. I even try to go back to old save file but all it did is took me back back where I last save is present. I can't go back to old save. I just don't want to restart all my progress! Game.rxdata Game - 7065 - Corrupt - 184h 39m - 14 badges.rxdata Glitch_Pokemon_RejuvenationV13.docx
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