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  1. I kept the stone and went in through the front. I just tried the entrance from Crawli's gym, nothing. Then tried went back to the front and nothing again. What's debug mode?
  2. Okay so I feel like I have tried that in the past but never saw the cutscene, but nothing was working so nevertheless I went back and tried it. It worked! I saw the cutscene, went all the way upstairs, talked to everyone, made sure the house was empty before I left. So hyped that it finally worked so I hustled my way back to Valor and guess what? Still no powder when I walked in. Is there another step I might have to do after she flies away. I am desperate here lol I just wanna play the game.
  3. i get this error every time i try to play
  4. I have magma drift but no emotion powder please help
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