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  1. Found it after some looking! I have it loaded on here if you're able to fix my save file! Thank you so much for helping out Game.rxdata
  2. Please can someone help with my save file??? Sorry for spamming but I just need someone that can help me get this bug fixed. I'm in the water treatment center and lost to the 2 grunts and now I'm stuck. I really do appreciate it a lot!!! Game.rxdata
  3. I lost to 2 grunts, and now I'm unable to make progress in the story. Can anyone possibly look to my file and fix this bug?? My Game.rxdata file is attached here as well Game.rxdata
  4. Just found it actually. Took some digging but somehow found it! It should be attached here Game.rxdata
  5. I went all the way to Application Support, and I didn't find a Pokemon Reborn folder. Do you think it could be somewhere else?
  6. I lost to the 2 grunts in the Water Treatment Center, and now I'm unable to advance in the story because of it. Is there any way for someone to fix my save file??? I couldn't find my game.rxdata file, and if there's anyone that can help guide me to finding it on my Mac, that would be amazing!! Thank you!
  7. I also lost to the 2 grunts, and now I'm stuck in the same location. The problem I'm having now is locating my Game.rxdata file on my Mac. I've looked all over within the Packaged Contents and still can't find any file named 'Game.rxdata'. If anyone can help out that would be greatly appreciated!
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