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    Pokemon Go, League of Legends, Mario (most of them on Switch) etc. - just gamer.
    I like MTG also.

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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. You play on few saves? How your last save name, you see normal "Game - Number - Your Nick - Time play - X badges? Maybe with this "X" you have 1 badges cause your save mix with other?
  3. I'm so dumb.... First I try change 2396 to 1 - don't work. Second I try change nickname - don't work too. Third - I copy this save to new folder with pokemon reborn - still don't work. And finally I try change this save file to Game.rxdata - ...so that what you mean with "Rename"... xD Thanks a lot, save work : )
  4. Sorry for being annoying, but I still don't get it. When I delete Game.rxdata after launch Game-Z.exe only what I can do is start New Game (option "other save files" end with "You don't have any other save files") - what exactly I must rename? All folder with game inside (File "Reborn 18.4.1") or something inside? Or this save with "Ertix" change nickname from new start game and create new character?
  5. But don't cause I have only this Game.rxdata which is broken - and I have no idea how upload this save to my game to continue :/
  6. Hi, can someone help me with game.rxdata? I can't bring back correctly file, I have save when I grind my pokemons before go to circus (I just don't go to the next event after beat Luna) and now have game.rxdata with 12 badges and new pokemon when only I could do is just stay in dark place I know this game.rxdata was from my save in 2020 and I can't bring correct game.rxdata from this new game... Game.rxdata Game - 2963 - Ertix - 95h 29m - 9 badges.rxdata
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