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  1. oh right in the settings! never even thought of that, thanks!
  2. it works!, you're my hero thank you so much :')
  3. i'll try that right now, thanks so much for your help ^^
  4. thanks for the reply , oh forgot to mention that, i recently tried that, even used the new application "Game-z" but the same error message came up just in a nicer looking message box XD
  5. Love the game to death so im looking at the audio file, and it looks like i can play my favorite music in game ( not that the music in the list isn't great ), but theres just one song that won't play so i deleted it, now when i open the game an error message comes up : Script 'Game_System' Line 46: Errno::ENOENT occurred. No such file or directory - Audio/BMG/the name of the mp3 file.mp3 and now the game wont let me play my save file, maybe because i tried to play the song in the pokegear before i deleted it?, also none of my save files are free from this problem so as it stands al
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