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  1. Thanks for this answer, I didn't notice that at first. You have to interact with the tank to know the color if you can't see said color. Quality of life improvement would be a sticker on the tank either with said color name on it, or a number system that allocate color name to numbers on said tank. Its a bit much to ask too :P It is still doable for a completely color-blind person though, just more of a memory test than actually matching colors to create new one.
  2. Title says it all. I was enjoying the game until I stumbled upon the bane of my existence... Colors. I am nearly completely color-blind, therefor it is nigh impossible to complete this puzzle without a walkthrough or without trying every possible combination. I'd like to see a numbers added to each colors so that color-blind people can remember which one is which easier. Thanks if you consider it, in the meanwhile ima cheat and follow a walkthrough to progress. Also sorry if this has been brought to your attention before, I couldn't find it using the search bar on this website. Great
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