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  1. I don't have any reborn files in my game directory, just steam games. Edit: I did check "Saved Games", which has Pokemon Reborn's file there, but upon putting my game in it, it doesn't work. It registers my save name and team, but whenever I attempt to load it, the script "takes too long to restart" and a popup appears and says "script is hanging"
  2. Recently decided to try and open up reborn again; but since I updated my windows, some of my files changed. I currently have all the files, I just don't know what program to open them in. I at first opened them in the wrong programs, and when I tried to reconvert them, it wouldn't register in the game files. I have tried changing the name of the file to game.rxdata, and since I'm on windows there isn't any actual "game data" file and all recent saves are named game.rxdata and put back into the Reborn folder while previous saves are put in the %appdata% folder, so that isn't what I'm getting wrong here. Any help? (Links attached are notepad file, google window, and notepad file respectively, i believe) game.rxdata.url Game_-_835_-_Gordos_-_134h_38m_-_15_badges.rxdata gordos file.rxdata
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