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  1. Hello!

    SomeOne Has infromed Me That You Have A Lot Of Useless Froakie

    Pls Would You Be Able To Trade Me One Female One

    It Dosnt Have To Be Trained Or Shiny For Anything

    I will offer of It

    as Froakie Shiny Is My Favorite



  2. Etorofu


    Female ideally for breeding purposes but male is fine too.
  3. Etorofu


    I'm looking for a 5IV Eevee, I can trade one of my MANY froakies.
  4. I breed froakies for a living and wondering if anybody could offer me one with 31 IVs in attack and defence (preferably female) i have many 31 IV speed/sp attack froakies so if anybody is interested my in-game user is Avex
  5. As I am locked in Agate circus and struggling with beating Terra (damn her tanks, healing moves and synthetic seeds) I've decided to train up an alolan vulpix just to try and beat her ass, however, I realized that I cannot access an Ice stone to evolve it into ninetales, any help would be appreciated.
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