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  1. Oh yeah I also found a shiny Ralts which Is Lonely and Ivs are 31,31,12,31,31,30. And I’m willing to trade it.
  2. Ok I’m doing second run through of reborn using only shinies and while wonder trade got a docile, overgrow, perfect IV Treeko. It is still level 1 with no EVs put into and I’m wondering if anyone wants it as It’s not a shiny.
  3. So I went back to Corey's gym to find the silver ring to get his Pokémon but after getting nidorino and crogunk I turned the lights bars to blue and went up the stair and I saw Corey but he got startled and ran. I don’t know if this is a quest or something I’ve found but does anyone know anything about this as I can’t find him again. note: this is after returning from the circus
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