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  1. it wont let me go back to a differnt save is there a thing i can download for it ?
  2. i mean all the saves ive done in that save file i cant go in and open the save i did before the pokemon center
  3. so i saved in the lapis pokemon center and went to bed and the next day when i try to leave theres a black screen that says: script pokemonmap line 78 nomethoderror occurred if this helps im about to go to 7th street and i cant open other save files for some reason
  4. im at route 1 and i was wondering if i should do some grinding but i dont want to grind so heres my team blazakin lv 57 migtyhena lv 51 mamoswine lv 56 touros lv 48( has the exp share) aloan golem lv 54 noivern lv 51
  5. my Mightyena has moxie but i have some ability capsule ill try that
  6. ive tried for about an hour so far so ive came here for a last resort my tea so far is this blazakin lv 54 moves blaze kick double kick brave bird bulk up mamoswine lv 53 moves earthquake ice shard thrash heavy slam aloan golem lv 53 rock blast stealth rock thunder punch double edge migtenyna lv 51 crunch sand attack yawn ( ive tried putting it to sleep and lowering its def) howl norvern lv 54 roost tail wind air slash dragon pulse
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