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  1. Problem solved, I was swapping around the save files and they had 100% the proper name but they refreshed after about 30 minutes for some reason. I got to do all missions and I also got to progress in the story!
  2. So Radomus told me to go to the 7th street and I joined Team Magma and I didn't do any missions. I got Buizel and Houndour, but when I came back to the alleyways of Team Magma, no one was there except a event Houndour. I think the game thought I already was in the 7th Street because I got to talk to the leader outside of Ms. Craudburry's house and then I got to battle Ms. Craudburry(she lost) and when I checked the magma alleyways AGAIN they weren't there. I checked some guides and apparently I have to go to a building with an elevator but there's a woman blocking the way. She says "Hello. Adm
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